A pharmaceutical is formulated with many other compounds, called excipients, that play an essential role in delivering the active ingredient.

Excipient Engineering is the use of current or specially innovated ingredients to alter pharmaceutical process while leaving the active unaltered. Most non-generic pharmaceutical companies are focused on developing new actives.  Innovate however adopted a unique approach to pharmaceutical research and development by concentrating its efforts on the other components in pharmaceuticals, i.e. the excipients.

 In adopting this approach, Innovate discovered that by changing the excipients in a pharmaceutical it was possible to change not only the products delivery format (injection, tablet or liquid) but also effect other key components of how the product works, e.g. side effect profile, rate of absorption, speed of action, ease of administration, shelf life, dosage frequency and bioavailability. Unlike changing an active however, the development of the ‘new’ resultant products does not have all the exorbitant associated costs as it is not a new chemical entity.



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Innovate has partnered with Croda International PLC a global leader and speciality chemical manufacturer who, through the imaginative and practical use of science, creates ingredients and technologies that improve people’s lives by enhancing everyday products.

Innovate has partnered with MAC Clinical Research the UK's largest company committed totally to the recruitment and conduct of clinical trials through its own Dedicated Research Sites and staff. MAC has a range of clinical research capabilities to accommodate the most complex early phase trials through to Phase IV.

Innovate has partnered with Deloitte the brand under which tens of thousands of dedicated professionals in independent firms throughout the world collaborate to provide audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, tax, and related services to select clients.