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Shelf Stable Liquid Aspirin

Developing a liquid aspirin has proven to be very complex due to aspirin’s insolubility in water and its very unstable nature, causing rapid degradation in most solvents. Soluble aspirins currently on the market are in fact dispersible and therefore still contain grains that sit on the gastric mucosa causing gastric side effects. The categorization as “soluble” is therefore a misnomer. More recent products are just powders that quickly disperse in water or powdered aspirin salts. No truly shelf stable acetylsalicylic acid has therefore ever been successfully produced, until now. 

Aspirin has had a major revival in recent years due to new areas of medical use such as coronary protection, thrombosis, migraine treatment and cancer prevention. This growth is mainly attributed to “low-dose” aspirin, widely used as a daily preventative medicine in secondary prevention (i.e. after an initial heart attack or stroke) for cardiac and cerebral vascular disease and as a primary preventative medicine in a wide range of cancers.


Management Team

Simon Cohen, CEO and Head of Sales and Marketing.
Simon brings a wealth of management experience to the Company, having a long history in podiatric medicine as well as working within the pharmaceutical industry in sales and marketing for twenty years.  He has been involved in a National Development role, working with the higher echelons of the National Health Service, discussing the role of the Pharmaceutical Industry and Public-Private Partnerships.

Dr. James Stuart,CMO and Medical Director
Dr. Stuart is a highly regarded Consultant whose knowledge and connections in the field of medicine and complimentary health care services has been an invaluable asset to the Company.  He is currently the Divisional Medical Director at Pennine Acute NHS trust, one of the UK’s largest NHS trusts. Prior to that he was Clinical Director of Accident and Emergency Medicine at Manchester Royal Infirmary. He holds an honorary lecturer post at the University of Manchester School of Medicine and was the British Editor of the European Journal of Emergency Medicine.  He has been instrumental in facilitating the testing of the new products and conducting market research.

Jan Cohen, COO, Legal and Business Director.
Jan is an experienced lawyer and business advisor and has worked with numerous companies both public and private.  He has worked at Mischcon de Reya, a top 100 London law firm and at Brown, Raysman, Millstein, Steiner and Felder the leading New York information technology law firm at that time prior to opening his own law firm in New York in 2007.  Jan also founded and operated a number of digital media and technology companies in New York including a leading digital creative agency King & Partners and digital real estate platform company Property Platform. He is a member of both the New York Bar and the Law Society of England and Wales.


Innovate Pharmaceuticals, Ltd (“Innovate”) is a medical innovations company that re-engineers pharmaceutical platforms and breathes new “patent” life into existing pharmaceuticals.  It has taken a unique approach to pharmaceutical research and development by concentrating its efforts on the non-active components in pharmaceuticals, i.e. the excipients. Innovate’s model allows generic products to be developed, improved and remarketed in safer, more efficacious, and more convenient formulations.

Excipient Engineering